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Our Focus

It’s a busy world we live in today, and everything is evolving. We want it all and we want it now. Same is happening in the rice world. Let me introduce you to Best Rice…

Best Rice’s main goal is to minimize the time restraint put on cooking rice, and this virtually ready-to-eat preserved rice is perfect for just that. This convenience food is prepared for the ease of consumption and also time economy. Where you would spend roughly 30 minutes cooking regular rice, this instant rice allows you to cook rice in 3-12 minutes.

Restaurants want to serve rice but cannot afford to have rice in the pot for that long of period. Again, this is where our instant rice will allow you to serve just what you want. We take the time to do the cooking for you and then dehydrate it back down. Just add some water, cook for 3-12 minutes, and bam you have rice ready to roll out on the table or out of the drive-thru window.

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Contact a plant manager for more information about our available products and pricing.