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About Best Rice

While the name Best Rice might be new to you, we are sure you are familiar with our parent companies, Riceland Foods, and Producers Rice Mill, Inc. who have a combined 165 years in Arkansas rice production. Best Rice is owned by the farmers who are growing the rice and are also doing business with Riceland Foods and Producers Rice Mill. Rice production in Arkansas allows families to build legacies of highly effective rice growers and producers. 

Best Rice takes the rice that has been milled in one of our two parent companies’ facilities and brings it to our instant rice processing facility, where we blanch, steam, rinse and dehydrate the rice. This product offers the same nutritional value as regular rice with a fraction of the cook time. Best Rice offers many different types of rice, all with cook times ranging from 3-18 minutes, allowing you to select the product that is right for you and your customers.

Utilizing the expertise of generations of rice producers, Best Rice provides high-quality instant rice products to our customer at an affordable price.

Want to know more about our rice, nutritional values, and even great recipe ideas? Visit our products page and find just what you need!

Contact Best Rice

Contact a plant manager for more information about our available products and pricing.